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Patrick A Collins

Music Educator | Web Developer

Patrick Collins

9 minute read

As I learn more about personalized learning and mastery-based teaching, I feel it is appropriate to outline my plan for personalized learning in the upcoming school year. This should serve as accountability for myself, and as a guide for other teachers in the present and future looking to implement personalized learning in their classroom.

Patrick Collins

10 minute read

Whether it’s called mastery-based or competency-based education, the premise is the same: education should focus on teaching in a way that each and every student truly masters the content before they moving on to the next thing.

Patrick Collins

6 minute read

One of the best things about teaching in 2020 is the abundance of technology tools available for teachers, with many of them being at little to no cost! Lets look at four different tools, Adobe Spark, OBS, Explain Everything, and Knewton Alta, teacher can utilize in their classroom to support personalized learning.

To Static From Nothing

Who am I? What is this site? Why does this site exist? and How was this site created?

Patrick A Collins

6 minute read

Hello, and welcome to my website! My name is Patrick Collins, though I’m sure you figured that out by now since its plastered everywhere. I am currently a Senior at Kennesaw State University studying Music Education. I’m drawn to music, education, technology, and all things Walt Disney (especially Walt Disney World), so you will find that much of the blog here will consist of content relating to these, in addition to some eclectic sprinklings throughout. This site will also house…

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Patrick is a music educator, techie, and a giant Disney lover. He is located in North Georgia.